Why Choose Galloway Family Homes?

Think Local, Buy Local

We have a proven track record of building over 650 Quality Homes in both the Charleston and Columbia Market. We offer three unique collections of homes to fit a variety of any home-buyer's budget. With local knowledge, experience, and construction connections, we're able to help you customize and optimize any house plan..


One of the advantages of choosing Galloway Family Homes, is the ability our team has in maximizing home-sites to make the best use of your home-site. With this ability and our extensive experience, you can be sure that we will assess every square inch of your home-site. There are many aspects in our assessment, including but not limited to:  placing your home in the most strategic place to optimize your views and/or yard space, elevations levels required for any flood zones or covenants and restrictions, electricity and sewer/septic lines, and assessing site cost. After receiving the home-site evaluation it makes the design and budgeting phase more specific to your home-site. Generally, this is the first step in delivering a home built specifically with your property, lifestyle, budget, and needs in mind.   


Galloway Family Homes offers over a hundred In-House Floor Plans that you can chose from or we can build your own provided plan from an Architect, Draftsman, or from a Plan Book. Galloway Family Homes has extensive experience building designer plans from companies such as Southern Living and Hilton Googe Plans. Our team is proficient in making changes to your plan to make it better fit your lifestyle.   


We knows that planning the flow and design of your New Home can be difficult just by looking at a piece of paper. With the help of a Professional Interior Designer we can make your home came to life. Galloway Family Homes pays for our clients to work with a top-notch interior designer. 

Free Gift

Want to know more about Designing and Building your New Home? Galloway Family Homes has created The Home Buyer's Handbook on which Questions you should be asking your Builder prior to selecting your New Home. Please fill out the form below to receive your free copy of this handbook.   

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